Mt Bachelor Vertfest made way for skiers to get vertical with clear skies, a chilly 10 degrees and plenty of snow. Vertfest was on the go since 7 AM and the competition was brave. RACE, BEER, VICTORY was on the minds of over 150 racers.

Nevado Mountain Adventures brought skinny and fat skis with telemark and Outlaw NTN bindings from 22 Designs blazing your performance up and down the hill

Helmets were a requirement to enter the race therefore our D-Curve products came in handy for some customers as they experienced the exceptionally lightweight and comfortable free-ride snow helmet.

Littered with back-country skiers, lines of enthusiasts could be seen skinning up the mountain. We entered two racers in the competition with CEP compression ski ultra-light socks and Swany Pro-V gloves. Here are their testimonies: “This is hands down the best glove made. It's the perfect weight for skiing and the soft leather molds to your hand” “ the improved circulation and performance enhancing benefits that CEP offers is like no other compression sock.”

Upon returning participants received a signed poster from Sage-Cattabriga-Alosa who is CEP’s brand ambassador and team freestyle skier.

Doesn’t it make sense to stop by and try before you BUY?

Check out our schedule for a demo near you:

Nevado Mountain Adventures, LLC was very excited to join the Hoodoo Backcountry Fest, presented by Three Creeks Brewing at Hoodoo Ski Area, with the largest selection of 2017 all-terrain demo equipment on site in the Northwest. We are your connection to outdoor gear all winter long.

On-snow, interactive, displays showcased the best backcountry hard-goods and accessories, while providing skiers and riders with critical safety information. Guests tried out the latest Rambo models of electric fat bikes and BikeBoards, telemark bindings from 22 Designs, Leki backcountry poles and awesome soft goods from CEP compression, Swany gloves and D-Curve helmets/goggles. One of the chef's cooked home-made blueberry pancakes on a Camp Chef Rainier Campers combo stove while sausage steamed with flavor in a slow cook 18" Smoke Vault.

This B/C event included seminars, industry professionals, live music, a beer garden and a variety of races that were scheduled throughout the day. Trophies and prizes have been awarded to the top two male and female racers in each race. Kids earned their Junior Ranger Snow Badge by participating in the four levels of winter science and wildlife.

Oregon Adaptive Sports was hosting a Hero's on the Hill day which is a weekend sports retreat for Veterans and their families. We were able to show disabled customers another alternative to getting around on-snow with Bike Boards being placed under a wheelchair.


Nevado Mountain Adventures Kicked off their winter season with high performance products....

Nevado Mountain Adventures officially kicked off the winter season with an incredible demo at Mount Bachelor. We want to acknowledge Gravity Sports for hosting us and a hot line of skis and snowboards from well known companies such as Rossignol and Burton. Thanks Guys!

Next up Bogus Basin January 7th, 2017. We are excited to introduce to you Swany America based out of Johnstown NY. They have created premium gloves and mittens that are available to you to try at any of our demo events. Swany America uses a soft, quick drying, Dyna-Therm lining for fast moisture absorption, and heat generating properties that engage after moisture absorption. The rolled finger construction minimizes drag and prevents excessive tip wear. Swany gloves are designed to maximize comfort, durability, and functionality so you can enjoy your outdoor experience to the fullest!  Swany continually innovates their glove technologies to stay at the head of the pack and create the best gloves possible. They have spent years perfecting temperature regulation, moisture management, and dexterity.

When you pair your warm hands in Swany gloves with CEP compression intelligent sportswear, that increases endurance and helps you recover quicker, you’ve got a perfect day for skiing or riding in comfort and warmth

Adding premium D-Curve goggles and helmets to our demos now turns your day into a safe haven on the slopes and in the backcountry

Check out these sweet deals:

D-Curve is now offering 20% off any of their goggles, helmets and/or sunglasses and 40% off if you are a pro!

CEP offers 20% off any of their compression apparel.

JUST ASK US….Other offers on our products are available at this link:

Check out a demo near you:

Last month, Eric took one of our Springbar tents out to Utah for a demo, here’s what he had to say:

When the temperatures drop and you get hit with rain and snow, there’s nothing like having a comfortable, spacious, and sturdy tent to ride out a storm! I demoed this tent for a road trip into the Utah desert to climb and slackline. Being out camping for so long, my adventure partners and I sought a tent that would keep us from feeling cramped.

Our first day in Indian Creek was my first time setting up the tent. We found a good flat spot and had the tent up in just minutes! The Springbar pole design is intuitive and easy to use. With four of us staying in the tent there was ample room for us to sleep and store our belongings as well.  

When a rainstorm came into the area during our stay, the canvas fabric repelled water easily and gave us a dry place to hang out while we waited out the storm. With several hours to kill, we could stretch, read, play cards, and write without standing on top of each other. This is especially important in a place that’s over an hour away from the nearest town!

Our second campsite was at the Fruit Bowl, a slackline area to the north of Moab.  We camped there for over a week and put the Springbar tent to the test! We had rain, wind, group tent hangouts, frigid temperatures, and more. This tent did not even flinch at any of these things!

Initially, only having two uprights had me worried about how the tent would perform in high winds. This worry only lasted a few minutes into the first gusts. The tent swayed, but the heavy-duty stakes held the base firmly in place and the uprights barely moved! Gusts were reaching up to 30 or 40mph and the Highline 6 stayed firmly rooted, even in the sandy place we camped.  

If you’re looking for a tent that will help you to truly enjoy your long-term camping experiences, then a Springbar tent is for you! Learn more about these incredible tents at, and stay tuned on the Nevado Facebook page to learn how you can demo one before you buy!

Compression garments have long been used in the medical field to stimulate bloodflow and aid in recovery. Now you can use this technology to bring your outdoor experience to the next level! When compression is brought into sports like skiing and hiking, it helps you to perform better and longer.

Recently, I took my CEP socks out to demo in the desert. I went out for a day of hiking and climbing and loved his CEP Compression+ socks for the approach! On the "calf-burner" uphill I didn't feel the typical tightness and discomfort I was accustomed to, instead feeling an extra energy for upward momentum. In climbing, it is important to get to the climb quickly and efficiently. Not compromising my calves along the way is essential to those goals. CEP socks allowed me to start climbing with fresh-feeling legs and enjoy the climb to the fullest! On top of that, the socks are incredibly comfortable!

When the winter comes, take your CEP socks to the mountain with you! These socks are a great way to bring more blood down to your feet to keep them warm and help you enjoy your day on the slopes to the fullest! CEP also makes an insulated, ski-specific, sock that offers padding just where you need it! The extra insulation allows you to be sure your toes will stay warm, even on especially cold days!

Try out these amazing socks before you buy them at a Nevado demo this winter! You can find our schedule at:


Nevado Mountain Adventures performs outdoor gear and bike checks in the Pacific NorthWest:

Heading on a snowmobile trail in November is quite challenging due to the variety of conditions on the road. Slamming into mud with slick ice underneath is usually a scare for sure. The Rambo Bikes out performed any other motorized vehicle on this type of terrain. We easily maneuvered through snow, mud, ice and rock. We found that taking some of the air out of the tires helped with traction and shock absorption.

We decided to wear CEP ski merino compression socks which comforted our tired muscles from climbing steep terrain. The improved circulation and performance enhancing benefits that CEP offers is like no other compression sock.

Exploring the outer boundaries with D-Curve bike helmets and sunglasses blends style, function and safety. The helmet is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. For sunglasses we tested the Kokopelli which gave us a crisp vision of the terrain ahead. The Nadir is designed to give a more extensive field of vision and it did just that. Both lenses have a hydrophobic coating which repels water, dirt and oil. Neither sunglass fogged up on us and the vented lenses kept enough air circulating throughout the entire ride. The Nadir has NASTEK P3 3.0 technology which filters out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and 98.9% of harmful blue light. Whoa!

Nevado Mountain Adventures is super stoked to get customers on the Rambo Bikes and into our outdoor gear. Check out our FREE demo event schedule at:


On my most recent trip, I left Bend for a week of travel, climbing, and slack lining in the Sierras.  We began our trip by heading to Mammoth Lakes, and then drove over the pass for a few days in Yosemite Valley.

I brought along the CampChef Stryker 150 and Rainier Camper’s Combo.  Previously I had a two burner white gas stove that broke, and then a range of small backpacking stoves. Using these CampChef stoves changed my world!

I ended up using both stoves for nearly every breakfast and dinner.  The first thing I appreciated with these stoves after their easy setup were the robust strikers built into both stoves. The first night, we arrived to a hot spring near Mammoth after dark and the Camper’s Combo was quick to set up and ignited immediately, which our grumbling stomachs appreciated.  After a nice soak, it was just as easy to use the Stryker to make tea for everyone that we were with!

The next morning, temperatures were below freezing and all of our toes struggled to warm up. This was no problem for the Stryker though, with its Heat Ring technology we had a full pot of water ready in just minutes. A quick breakfast of oatmeal and tea helped us shake off the shiver of the previous night.

When we arrived in Yosemite, we were greeted by much warmer temperatures. On our relaxing morning off, we decided to make a big breakfast in El Cap Meadow! The built in griddle on the Camper’s Combo was perfect for making pancakes while we cooked scrambled eggs in a pan on the burner. It was very easy to cook on low heat with this stove which is a great departure from many stoves that don’t have much temperature adjustability. We were able to keep our eggs from burning as we finished up the rest of the meal!

One drawback for me was the griddle on the Camper’s Combo.  It was perfect for pancakes and would be great for grilling if you used the alternate grill, but I found myself wishing a couple times that I had a second burner instead.  This is just a preference though, and the griddle works great if that is what you are looking for!

In short, both of these stoves are great! Try them out or see them in person at a Nevado event this winter, or order one, like I did, at


Nevado Mountain Adventures welcomes a new, innovative design and technologically advanced goggle series that enhances sport vision and mountain performance from D•CURVE. 

Blending style, function, and safety, D•CURVE Goggles feature the world’s first removable, washable, reusable and replaceable ski and snowboard goggle foam. D•CURVE goggles offer more peripheral view than standard goggles, enhancing your vision and safety on the mountain.

Ride the Edge with stunning 145° peripheral vision enabled by Peripheral View Technology.™

  • PVT 145
  • Quick Change 30sec Lens
  • ZAIO NASTEK UV Plus Protection
  • Washable, BioActive Foam

Mark your calendar for the Grand Finale! Paddleboard Race and Roundup on September 10 at Elk Lake Resort and Marina! Nevado Mountain Adventures will provide a free on-the-water demo to pro's and consumers who want to try inflatable kayaks or SUP's from Other products on site at the demo include: CampChef stoves, the worlds first solar powered jacket, compression socks, portable solar chargers, electric fat tire bikes and more

Learn more about this family friendly, fun event:

Register for competitive races here:

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NEVADO MOUNTAIN ADVENTURES, LLC, is an independent demo and marketing company specializing in innovative equipment and the latest outdoor brands. Consumers want to try the latest & greatest outdoor gear in its natural environment before they buy. This isn’t a new idea, but our approach is! Nevado Mountain Adventures, LLC brings together top manufacturers, resorts, and our team of outdoor gear experts together, to create a fun, engaging experience that drives retail sales. Be sure to stay on your game with us as we begin to release some of the coolest gear around.



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