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Last month, Eric took one of our Springbar tents out to Utah for a demo, here’s what he had to say:

When the temperatures drop and you get hit with rain and snow, there’s nothing like having a comfortable, spacious, and sturdy tent to ride out a storm! I demoed this tent for a road trip into the Utah desert to climb and slackline. Being out camping for so long, my adventure partners and I sought a tent that would keep us from feeling cramped.

Our first day in Indian Creek was my first time setting up the tent. We found a good flat spot and had the tent up in just minutes! The Springbar pole design is intuitive and easy to use. With four of us staying in the tent there was ample room for us to sleep and store our belongings as well.  

When a rainstorm came into the area during our stay, the canvas fabric repelled water easily and gave us a dry place to hang out while we waited out the storm. With several hours to kill, we could stretch, read, play cards, and write without standing on top of each other. This is especially important in a place that’s over an hour away from the nearest town!

Our second campsite was at the Fruit Bowl, a slackline area to the north of Moab.  We camped there for over a week and put the Springbar tent to the test! We had rain, wind, group tent hangouts, frigid temperatures, and more. This tent did not even flinch at any of these things!

Initially, only having two uprights had me worried about how the tent would perform in high winds. This worry only lasted a few minutes into the first gusts. The tent swayed, but the heavy-duty stakes held the base firmly in place and the uprights barely moved! Gusts were reaching up to 30 or 40mph and the Highline 6 stayed firmly rooted, even in the sandy place we camped.  

If you’re looking for a tent that will help you to truly enjoy your long-term camping experiences, then a Springbar tent is for you! Learn more about these incredible tents at, and stay tuned on the Nevado Facebook page to learn how you can demo one before you buy!

Brenda Einstein
Brenda Einstein