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Compression garments have long been used in the medical field to stimulate bloodflow and aid in recovery. Now you can use this technology to bring your outdoor experience to the next level! When compression is brought into sports like skiing and hiking, it helps you to perform better and longer.

Recently, I took my CEP socks out to demo in the desert. I went out for a day of hiking and climbing and loved his CEP Compression+ socks for the approach! On the "calf-burner" uphill I didn't feel the typical tightness and discomfort I was accustomed to, instead feeling an extra energy for upward momentum. In climbing, it is important to get to the climb quickly and efficiently. Not compromising my calves along the way is essential to those goals. CEP socks allowed me to start climbing with fresh-feeling legs and enjoy the climb to the fullest! On top of that, the socks are incredibly comfortable!

When the winter comes, take your CEP socks to the mountain with you! These socks are a great way to bring more blood down to your feet to keep them warm and help you enjoy your day on the slopes to the fullest! CEP also makes an insulated, ski-specific, sock that offers padding just where you need it! The extra insulation allows you to be sure your toes will stay warm, even on especially cold days!

Try out these amazing socks before you buy them at a Nevado demo this winter! You can find our schedule at:


Brenda Einstein
Brenda Einstein