Nevado Mountain Adventures kicked off their winter season with high performance products....

Nevado Mountain Adventures Kicked off their winter season with high performance products....

Nevado Mountain Adventures officially kicked off the winter season with an incredible demo at Mount Bachelor. We want to acknowledge Gravity Sports for hosting us and a hot line of skis and snowboards from well known companies such as Rossignol and Burton. Thanks Guys!

Next up Bogus Basin January 7th, 2017. We are excited to introduce to you Swany America based out of Johnstown NY. They have created premium gloves and mittens that are available to you to try at any of our demo events. Swany America uses a soft, quick drying, Dyna-Therm lining for fast moisture absorption, and heat generating properties that engage after moisture absorption. The rolled finger construction minimizes drag and prevents excessive tip wear. Swany gloves are designed to maximize comfort, durability, and functionality so you can enjoy your outdoor experience to the fullest!  Swany continually innovates their glove technologies to stay at the head of the pack and create the best gloves possible. They have spent years perfecting temperature regulation, moisture management, and dexterity.

When you pair your warm hands in Swany gloves with CEP compression intelligent sportswear, that increases endurance and helps you recover quicker, you’ve got a perfect day for skiing or riding in comfort and warmth

Adding premium D-Curve goggles and helmets to our demos now turns your day into a safe haven on the slopes and in the backcountry

Check out these sweet deals:

D-Curve is now offering 20% off any of their goggles, helmets and/or sunglasses and 40% off if you are a pro!

CEP offers 20% off any of their compression apparel.

JUST ASK US….Other offers on our products are available at this link:

Check out a demo near you:

Brenda Einstein
Brenda Einstein