Nevado Mountain Adventures sends Eric to test CampChef stoves offering him a better way to cook outdoors


On my most recent trip, I left Bend for a week of travel, climbing, and slack lining in the Sierras.  We began our trip by heading to Mammoth Lakes, and then drove over the pass for a few days in Yosemite Valley.

I brought along the CampChef Stryker 150 and Rainier Camper’s Combo.  Previously I had a two burner white gas stove that broke, and then a range of small backpacking stoves. Using these CampChef stoves changed my world!

I ended up using both stoves for nearly every breakfast and dinner.  The first thing I appreciated with these stoves after their easy setup were the robust strikers built into both stoves. The first night, we arrived to a hot spring near Mammoth after dark and the Camper’s Combo was quick to set up and ignited immediately, which our grumbling stomachs appreciated.  After a nice soak, it was just as easy to use the Stryker to make tea for everyone that we were with!

The next morning, temperatures were below freezing and all of our toes struggled to warm up. This was no problem for the Stryker though, with its Heat Ring technology we had a full pot of water ready in just minutes. A quick breakfast of oatmeal and tea helped us shake off the shiver of the previous night.

When we arrived in Yosemite, we were greeted by much warmer temperatures. On our relaxing morning off, we decided to make a big breakfast in El Cap Meadow! The built in griddle on the Camper’s Combo was perfect for making pancakes while we cooked scrambled eggs in a pan on the burner. It was very easy to cook on low heat with this stove which is a great departure from many stoves that don’t have much temperature adjustability. We were able to keep our eggs from burning as we finished up the rest of the meal!

One drawback for me was the griddle on the Camper’s Combo.  It was perfect for pancakes and would be great for grilling if you used the alternate grill, but I found myself wishing a couple times that I had a second burner instead.  This is just a preference though, and the griddle works great if that is what you are looking for!

In short, both of these stoves are great! Try them out or see them in person at a Nevado event this winter, or order one, like I did, at


Brenda Einstein
Brenda Einstein