The SipaDrive’s housing is made of high-quality durable plastic, and the drive fits snugly into the slot in the middle of the board. No extra parts are required, as it is held in place by the pressure of the board itself. The top has a sleek-fitting cover, and the bottom intake hole is protected by mesh, so no fingers, fish, or other debris get into the propeller. The electric motor in the SipaDrive is brushless and high-efficiency, as well as emission-free. Its 5 settings will give you up to around 3.5 knots of assistance.
The SipaPaddle has a lightweight carbon-fiber shaft and fiberglass blade. The SipaDrive remote is attached to the shaft and it communicates with the motor via wireless connection. This communication is interrupted immediately whenever the paddle falls in the water, or whenever it is separated from the motor by more than a few feet, making sure you never get separated from your SipaBoard.