Swany America-A-Star 3 Finger Mitt


This Backcountry Mitten takes you off the Beaten Track...
Makes you Push your Abilties.... Makes you REACH FOR MORE....

SHELL: Smooth Grain LeatherShield with Polartec NeoShell, Leather Shield Palm with digitized reinforcement.

INSULATION: Insuloft Insulation, Dryfinger II waterproof breathable insert, Removable Polartec fleece glove. Polartec Thermal Pro Back: 390 gm, Polartec classic palm: 250 gm

FEATURES: 3 Finger Mitten, Articulated 3D curved finger construction, Quick release strap on palm, barrel lock cuff, padded knuckle protection, Karabiner clip, finger loop for drying, and a Swany Leash.

RETAIL: $150

Our experts at Swany Ski Gloves create premium gloves and mittens that bring you the best in quality, warmth and durability.  Quality is tangible in Swany's ski gloves, ski mittens, snowboard gloves and snowboard mittens.  Our customers can see it, feel it and sometimes even smell it in the premium leather we use.  It is the research and development that leads to great designs and our commitment to quality materials which makes our gloves last.  Our gloves and mittens are renowned for their enduring construction and cold weather performance.  After all, quality is not about only eliminating things that have gone wrong, it is about enhancing the things that are right and anticipating customers needs both today and tomorrow.  Our Eco-Circle gloves are designed to save tomorrow and are totally recyclable.  There are no limitations on how many times the shell can be recycled and the process is more energy efficient than using virgin materials.  We make ski gloves and ski mittens for all conditions, see why Swany ski and snowboard gloves have such a loyal following with the mountains best.

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Type: gloves

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