Wahini Snowboards


We are a family run snowboard company out of Campton NH that makes and sells Alpine Carving boards Those original carving boards were very much the same dimensions that we have reintroduced here with Wahini Snowboards.  We took out the camber, softened up the flex, and added todays technology with Tri-Axle Carbon Fiber Material.  Using Set Screws in the boards to allow different stances and bindings, we have developed a board that can be ridden by Alpine Carvers and Telemark Carvers.  Having mounted Telemark Bindings on these carving boards with a narrower stance and 20 deg. angle, the use of a stiff Tele boot, allows the rider to have a wide range of forward and back weight distribution and control.  The ease of using Telemark Boots to move the lower and upper body does allow for a more fluid movement on top of the board, using ski poles for balance, support, and maneuverability in all conditions.  The demand for the original carving board is still alive and well, and so we added the line of Alpine Carving Boards with the binding patterns and inserts to accept the Carving Bindings, encouraging the Race Teams to use these boards for training and attracting friends and family to the sport.