Wahini Snowboards-Graphic Boards

Rose Kimbell has created an art exhibition that begins with this new Snowboard Line of Alpine Carving Boards, The Wahini Series.  We decided to offer graphics on three boards that reflect the Hawaiian Wahini lifestyle and elements of the beautiful breathtaking scenery in a rare art form by this blossoming artist. 

The Wahini Series was inspired by the Hawaiian Aloha energy of the Islands and their warm pacific climate.  With extreme micro climates, big elevation gains, and coastal volcanic flows, the Hawaiian Islands give rise to the most recent growth of our Country's boundaries.  Our graphics development reflect the elements of water, sky, and sand.

Poli Ahu

Our leading signature board showing the reflections of the sky on the water during a sunset.  Many sunset colors are shown on the board, just as it is reflected on the water. The Goddess of Snow rises from the heat of the sun on the ocean, falling as snow on the high peaks of the volcanoes, and eventually melting back into the forests and rivers to the ocean, completing its cycle in the universe.  Ever flowing, ever snowing.


Our inspirational leader in the series, laying trenches in the waves of the ocean and mountain.  Painted here is a wave crashing mid ocean and massaging the coastal waters of the turquoise reflecting water surrounding the Pacific Islands.  Wahini is at home and comfortable among the waves.  Ever moving, rising and falling.


This board began the Series, named from a passing car license plate "Kohana 5" here in NH.  Kohana means "little flower" in Hawaiian, and swift in the Sioux language.  She certainly is swift and soft, growing and flowering with beauty abound. This sunset painting is inspired by all the beautiful light available during the beginning and end of the day, when the sky is filled with long wavelengths of light, giving rise to the colors so gloriously displayed.  May the light shine for all to see and spread the vibrant energy.

RETAIL: $800

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