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Nevado classroom is the educational arm of Nevado Mountain Adventures, LLC and provides a learning experience for gear demo visitors about consumer-oriented programs. We also work with manufacturers who are interested in educating consumers, retailers, and ski area staff about a variety of topics.



  • Low-impact living in conjunction with manufacturers of solar, wind, recycling and biodiesel systems.
  • Safe travel in the backcountry on behalf of avalanche beacons, personal navigators, and satellite communication manufacturers.



      As part of a community effort to get consumers outdoors, Nevado works hard at bringing new blood into the outdoor industry through a variety of community outreach events, student internships, and vocational training.

      We have active partnerships with non-profit organizations:

      • Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS): OAS is the largest Pacific NW Adaptive program which provides leisure and challenging outdoor recreation experiences to individuals with disabilities.
      • Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation (MBSEF): MBSEF encourages academic achievement while promoting the necessary values of competitive sports throughout the year.
      • We are also working on partnerships with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by introducing America’s veterans to new career opportunities in the snow sports industry.

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