Northern Lites-Backcountry Rescue


The Backcountry Rescue is structurally identical to the Backcountry, except the decking is cut from Rescue Orange fabric.  At only 9” wide and 30" long, the Backcountry Rescue provides all the floatation most people will require in any snow conditions with easy walking. And at only 45 oz. per pair, the Backcountry Rescue weighs less than the 22" and 25" models of ordinary aluminum frame snowshoes. Comes with Northern Lites TruTrak binding system for sturdy traction through all conditions.

  • Rescue Orange Decking on Black Frames
  • 9"x30" and 45 oz/pr.
  • Surface Area 222in2
  • For User Packing Weight up to 250 lbs.
  • Mountaineering, Search and Rescue, Backpacking, Heavier Loads.
  • MRP - $269.00


About the Brand:

Nevado Mountain Adventures offers free winter gear demos featuring Northern Lites Snowshoes productsThe World's Premier Snowshoes... Lighter, faster, easier and more fun! Snowshoeing is a simple sport and your buying decision should be just as simple. Snowshoes have one purpose- efficient travel over the snow. Since 1992 Northern Lites has been making the World’s Premier brand of snowshoes that allow your mind to focus on your surroundings, not what’s on your feet. At one-half the weight of other aluminum frame or plastic snowshoes, you just can’t imagine how easy snowshoeing can be, it’s a totally new sport when on Northern Lites.

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