Current Drives-Electra Fin


  • Variable Speed: Choose between 1-99 speed settings on the LED display
  • Forward and Reverse: Maneuver your board through tight spaces.
  • Turn off the ElectraFin™:  Hit the "Stop" button when you've reached your destination or decide to switch to human only paddling.
  • Safety Ring: A safety ring protects the rider, nearby swimmers and marine life from the spinning blades.
  • Emergency Stop Leash and On/Off Switch: In the case you are separated from the remote you can stop the ElectraFin® by flipping the on/off toggle located on the control case to the off position. If the rider falls off the board, the emergency stop surf leash will disconnect from the control case and shut off the ElectraFin®. The ElectraFin® will not operate unless the emergency stop surf leash is connected to the control case. The rider must wear the surf leash at all times while operating the ElectraFin®
  • Swap-able Battery: The easy to swap battery lets you stay out and travel at top speed longer. The Samsung 29E Lithium-ion cells provide a lightweight and long range power pack. Charge anywhere with Current Drives Solar Panel or charge your battery from any wall outlet. Charge time from full depletion: 4-5 hours. You can run at full speed with over 400 watts of peak power or turn the speed down with the remote and use Paddle Assist™
  • Fin: The ElectraFin® is made from a specialty marine grade impact copolymer plastic. The high impact resistant material allows the ElectraFin® to slide over rocks and sand without damaging the fin. The fin comes standard with stainless steel hardware and a sacrificial anode for salt water operation. 
  • Control Case: The motor controller and battery is housed in the waterproof control case which is made from a tough poly carbonate material and all stainless-steel hardware. The sealed case sits on top of your board and contains a battery gauge display, on/off toggle switch and emergency stop switch. 
  • Wireless Remote: Features a tough rubberized 5 button water resistant face and slip resistant paddle strap.

About the Brand:

Current Drives We invented the first electric conversion kit for stand up paddle boarding. ElectraFin® is an electric propulsion system which mounts onto nearly all SUP’s and many kayaks. ... You can switch between a human powered SUP or a human-electric hybrid experience using the motor.

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